Myanmar Liberalisation of Logistics Services


Team member in charge of analyzing liberalization efforts in Myanmar related to logistics services

ASEAN prioritised logistics integration by endorsing the Roadmap for the Integration of Logistics in 2008, which includes liberalization and facilitation measures. As of 2016, much still need to be done to enhance logistics integration in ASEAN.
The slow progress is due to three main challenges encountered in integrating logistics, namely differences among ASEAN member countries in terms of their respective institutions, infrastructure and implementation capacities.
Key policy recommendations for furthering logistics integration include:

1. Data collection based on harmonised measures in order to monitor and ascertain the impact of further liberalization and facilitation measures;
2. Identifying viable infrastructure projects and exploring financing options and models for improving infrastructure quality;
3. Improving institutions of governance as identified in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2025 vision, and;
4. Investing in financial and human resources to build capacity within each member country, and coordinating their use.

  • Date : 2016
  • Client: ISEAS
  • Tasks:  Myanmar Liberalisation of Logistics Services, World Bank
  • Website: ISEAS